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Chief Executive Officer

Rajkumar Kumar


Mr. Rajkumar Kumar is the CEO and the Founder of this company. He is inspire to be in people related industries. He received his Bachelors of Degree (Honours) in Management Majoring in Retailing from Open University of Malaysia. He is also a Certified SA8000 Social Compliance Auditor cum Trainer. With the management skill he gained from the course of management coupled with the innate people skill and multilingual skill, he is able to relate to participants with various background. He has conducted trainings in Retail sectors on Social Compliance for the past 5 years apart from other essential trainings for store operations.

RK learned to adapt to and engage participants coming from different industries, cultures, and countries. He is also having a vast experience in Human Resources Management including 23 years on Retail Operation Experience.

RK was a Human Resource Manager prior to his role as Compliance Auditor for Major MNC Brand in Retailing industries. In his role, he oversaw grooming and maintaining the quality of the retail employees and training programme. The experience had given him practical experience in coaching the adult learners from different fields.

He believes that people are willing to learn and change for the better. They just need to be inspired via a suitable methodology and training programme to engage and encourage his participants to change and grow.

Being a lifelong learner himself, RK is on a mission to inspire others to keep their passion alive and continue to sharpen their saws. 

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